No More Meat

Recent years have shown there are plenty of people willing to at least try a vegan approach to eating. This may become more popular as...


Butter or Margarine

There was a time when scientists and the medical community both recommended switching from butter to a margarine substitute. The claim was that butter was...


Sweet and Healthy

Refined sugars have come under fire in recent years. They have been an additive to many processed foods, and they are accused of helping contribute...

Navigating through the world of nutrition today can seem like a minefield. Scientists and medical professionals have spent years examining different foods for their effect on the human body. Some of them have turned out to be good advice in one area of nutrition, but they have been bad in other areas. Exploring healthy food myths is a good way to get started on learning what may be good or bad, and it can be helpful to those seeking a healthier lifestyle through nutritious eating.